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           Message by Founder of Jesus Christ Television Pakistan.

It seams very difficult and sometime impossible to preach in the place where there is no supporting environment for Christianity .No westerner willing to go there to preach the gospel. I experienced that it is the most daring decision to preach in the place like Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I am born in Lahore and living there with the mission to preach the good news among my people. What would be the best time, place, and techniques to preach in that place? Jesus Said: And behold, I send the promise of my father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with the power from high Luke24: 49 KJV

I strongly believe when Holy Spirit told you to go and preach, no hurdles and obstacles can stand before you. I have personal experience when Holy Spirit told me to start Jesus Christ Television in Pakistan. It seams impossible, but not for our Heavenly father. In 2004 Holy Spirit started JCTV and since that day Jesus Christ Television is the leading and biggest Christian Television in Pakistan. I believe in Vision given by God. Holy Spirit not only leads you but gives you helper to move that work forward. I am thankful to the Lord for our partners in Ministry. God gave us partners who are dedicated and can understand our work in Pakistan. Jesus Christ Television is producing life changing programs for children, youth and family. We are reaching 4.5 million people and want to move forward for 170 million through satellite. We need your prayers, you can join our prayer group and if you have burden to help financially, we welcome you donation and offering in this work.

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