1. What is the Faith statement of JCTV?

Jesus Christ Television believes in trinity, father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe repentance, water baptism in deep water and baptism in Holy Spirit with tongues, fruits of the Spirit and gifts of Spirit.  We believe everlasting life in heaven.


2. How can I purchase the audio/Video material of JCTV productions?

Write to us in email and SMS and DVD will be sent to you in VP post service. info@jctv.org.pk


3. What does JCTV stands for?

Jesus Christ Television, name given by Holy Spirit and the colour scheme in the logo represent kingdom (Gold), divinity (Blue) and sacrifice (Red) of Jesus Christ.


4. Is JCTV stand alone body?

Jesus Christ Television is a project of River Of God Ministries and project has separate management and identity.


5. How can I send programming to JCTV for dubbing or broadcasting?

You can contact to the MD JCTV or director Marketing JCTV


6. What are the finances involved in dubbing programs into Urdu?

JCTV translate and voice over program on non profit base.


7. How can I get the services for producing my Audio/video presentations?

JCTV provide high quality audio and video production facility and welcome all people and organizations who believe in quality to come and work with us.


8. How can I distribute this channel to my area (for cable companies?)

You can talk to your cable operator and if you have more then 100 Christian families in the area JCTV can be provided to you.


9. How can you be the JCTV partner of JCTV?

You can be the part of our team by praying and working as volunteer in you area in distribution of Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just write or SMS to us and you will be in partner to us. You can go to Face book and be the partner. prayer@jctv.org.pk

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